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The Divine Matrix by Gregg Braden

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‘Bridging time, space, miracles and belief

‘All matter originates and exist only by virtue of a force…

We must assume behind this force the existence

of a conscious and intelligent Mind.

This Mind is the matrix of all matter.”

– Max Planck, 1944

With these words, Max Planck, the father of quantum theory, described a universal field of energy that connects everything in creation: the Divine Matrix.

The Divine Matrix is our world.

It is also everything in our world.

It is us and all that we love, hate, create and experience.

Living in the Divine Matrix, we are as artists expressing

our innermost passions, fears, dreams, and desires

through the essence of a mysterious quantum canvas.

We are the paints, as well as the brushes.

In the Divine Matrix, we are the container

within which all things exist, the bridge between

the creations of our inner and outer worlds,

and the mirror that shows us what we have created. (1)

Flower-of-Life - SPIRIT PATHWAYS

Religious thought, dating from the Persian ancient believes, Indian Vedas, Gnostic Christianity, and Buddhism to the present, speaks of an unseen web of life that interconnects all that exists in the physical world. Spiritual believers accept their faith without benefit of reason because no proof exists except for the testimony of seers and mystics gifted in the ability to perceive beyond the physical realm.

Nonbelievers insist upon more solid proof, which this book attempts to establish. Seventy years ago quantum theory offered the promise of showing that a Divine Matrix does exist and that the Universe is completely contained within it. This concept is the first of twenty Keys that the author presents to explain how science and religion are closely intertwined.

Braden has been a spiritual seeker for more than twenty years. In researching his five previous published books (and another due out in 2007), he has traveled throughout the world exploring religions and ancient texts. He also serves as counselor to those who want to make sense of their lives in a spiritual context.

A brief synopsis of the development of a unified theory starts with Newtonian physics, and travels through Einstein’s view of relativity and string theory, to breakthroughs that Braden believes will unfold in the twenty-first century. “Someday in the future,” he writes, “physicists will discover a way to explain the holographic nature of what we observe in the quantum universe, as well as what we see in our everyday world.”

Midway through the book, Braden explains how the hologram relates to his interpretation of the Divine Matrix. “When something is holographic,” he says, “it exists wholly within every fragment of itself, no matter how many pieces it’s divided into … each segment mirrors the whole universe, only on a smaller scale.”

Within the context of the holographic model lies the hope that humans might only be limited by their beliefs. The matrix reacts to human feelings, so what people think and feel results in how their lives evolve, both for good or ill. Those who want to effect change from a personal to global perspective should work on changing individual thought and belief patterns in order to alter outcomes. “The opportunity to be imprisoned or free is ours, and we’re the only ones who can make the choice,” Braden explains. (2)


The most important Organ!!

Precursor cells discovered that could help regrow heart arteries ...

Gregg Braden is very emphatic and specific when explains the language of the Universe and the energy within it, the source of all powers located in the Heart and how magnificent is its frequency and energy field.

Weighing of the Heart - Isis, Lotus of Alexandria Lyceum

Egyptian civilizations preserved the heart , for this is the place of the soul, intelligence and feelings , is important during our life and more in the afterlife as we can see in the Book of the Dead. “The heart is a sensory organ and acts as a sophisticated information encoding and processing center that enables it to learn, remember, and make independent functional decisions,” HeartMath Institute Director of Research Rollin McCraty wrote in the paper, The Energetic Heart: Bioelectromagnetic Communication Within and Between People.

An Energetic Heart by wolfepaw on DeviantArt

Scientists at the HeartMath Institute like McCraty have been conducting research over nearly two decades that has shed light on what researchers now characterize as the energetic heart.

Power of the Heart’s Electromagnetic Field

The heart, like the brain, generates a powerful electromagnetic field, McCraty explains in The Energetic Heart. “The heart generates the largest electromagnetic field in the body. The electrical field as measured in an electrocardiogram (ECG) is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the brain waves recorded in an electroencephalogram (EEG).”

HeartMath studies show this powerful electromagnetic field can be detected and measured several feet away from a person’s body and between two individuals in close proximity.

In the HeartMath study, The Electricity of Touch: Detection and Measurement of Cardiac Energy Exchange Between People, researchers set out to determine whether the heart’s electromagnetic field, as measured by an electrocardiogram (ECG), in one individual could be detected and measured in another person when the pair either were seated within about three feet of each other or held hands.

The results of The Electricity of Touch experiment were positive: The data showed “when people touch or are in proximity, a transference of the electromagnetic energy produced by the heart occurs,” the study’s authors wrote.

Week 1: Electricity - Touch of Electric | This is my contrib… | Flickr

They observed that although additional research should be conducted, there were potential important implications raised by this research when viewed in conjunction with the success of numerous healing modalities.

Practices such as therapeutic touch, holoenergetic healing, healing touch, chi gong and reiki among others “are based upon the assumption that an exchange of energy occurs to facilitate healing,” according to the findings. “While there exists scientific evidence to substantiate the physiological and psychological effects of many of these treatments, science has as yet not been able to describe a mechanism by which this putative energy exchange between individuals takes place. This study, together with the work of (other research) … represents one of the first successful attempts to directly measure an exchange of energy between people.”

The Heart and Emotions

Anatomy Heart BIRD Art Print Rose Flowers, Human heart POSTER ...

The heart’s electromagnetic field contains certain information or coding, which researchers are trying to understand, that is transmitted throughout and outside of the body. One of the most significant findings of HMI’s research related to this field is that intentionally generated positive emotions can change this information/coding.

That discovery raises the question whether the cardioelectromagnetic field information transmitted from an individual who is angry, fearful, depressed or experiencing some other negative emotion, takes on beneficial properties when it is influenced by positive emotions. Also, is the care, compassion, love or other positive emotion not only transmitted throughout an individual’s body as the cardioelectromagnetic field radiates through it, but transferred externally as well to people in close proximity or even, perhaps, over long distances?

Although HeartMath is continuing to study the effects of human electromagnetic fields over large distances, researchers say the answer to the first question, whether self-regulated positive emotions can be beneficial to the individual, is yes.

The Heart has a frequency !!

Info on 528Hz Music - PowerThoughts Meditation Club


Called Solfeggio 528 Hz – According to Dr. Leonard Horowitz, 528 Hertz is a frequency that is central to the “musical mathematical matrix of creation.” More than any sound previously discovered, the “LOVE frequency” resonates at the heart of everything. It connects your heart, your spiritual essence, to the spiraling reality of heaven and earth. Used to return human DNA to its original, perfect state. increased amount of life energy, clarity of mind, awareness, awakened or activated creativity, ecstatic states like deep inner peace, dance and celebration. Tone ‘Mi’ activates your imagination, intention and intuition to operate for your highest and best purpose.

The ancient mystics reminded our hearts, and modern experiences have proven to our minds, that the single most powerful force in the universe lives within each of us. And that is the great secret of creation itself: the power to create in the world what we imagine in our beliefs.

Believing is the key!!

Key 1: The Divine Matrix is the container that holds the universe, the bridge between all things, and the mirror that shows us what we have created

Key 2: Everything in our world is connected to everything else

Key 3: To tap the force of the universe itself, we must see ourselves as part of the world rather than separate from it.

Key 4: Once something is joined, it is always connected, whether it remains physically linked or not

Key 5: The act of focusing our consciousness is an act of creation. Consciousness creates!

Key 6: We have all the power we need to create all the changes we choose!

Key 7: The focus of our awareness becomes the reality of our world.

Key 8: To simply say that we choose a new reality is not enough!

Key 9: Feeling is the language that “speaks” to the Divine Matrix. Feel as though your goal is accomplished and your prayer is already answered.

Key 10: Not just any feeling will do. The ones that create must be without ego and judgement.

Key 11: We must become in our lives the things that we choose to experience as our world.

Key 12: We are not bound by the laws of physics as we know them today

Key 13: In a holographic “something”, every piece of the something mirrors the whole something.

Key 14: The universally connected hologram of consciousness promises that the instant we create our good wishes and prayers, they are already received at their destination.

Key 15: Through the hologram of consciousness, a little change in our lives is mirrored everywhere in our world.

Key 16: The minimum number of people required to “jump-start” a change in consciousness is the square root of one percent of a population.

Key 17: The Divine Matrix serves as the mirror in our world of the relationships that we create in our beliefs.

Key 18: The root of our “negative” experiences may be reduced to one of three universal fears (or a combination of them): abandonment, low self-worth, or lack of trust.

Key 19: Our true beliefs are mirrored in our most intimate relationships

Key 20: We must become in our lives the very things that we choose to experience in our world.

Nothing better than this Tarot card to describe the Man in to the Divine Matrix

The Magician

Sobre las Cartas del Tarot: El Mago o Le Bateleur | Mares

 the Magician is the male power of creation by willpower and desire. The lemniscate (infinity symbol) over his head indicates the energy of thought. Thus, he draws divine power down from the heavens into his white wand, molds it with that energy of thought, and makes it manifest on Earth (his finger pointing to the ground). This is that most ancient magic to make real whatever he imagines in his head merely by saying it aloud. («And God said ‘Let there be Light!’ and there was Light»).

Reflecting this is the fact that the Magician is often represented by Mercury. Mercury is the planet and god of smooth talkers and salesmen. Also clever with the sleight of hand (Mercury *was* the god of thieves!) and a medicine man – either a real doctor or someone trying to sell you snake oil.

The 4 suits before him remind us of the 4 aces, which in the Tarot symbolize the raw, undeveloped, undirected power of each suit. When the Magician appears, he reveals these to you.


What is revealed to the men is the opportunity to expand his consciousness and take over control of his life, to understand that there is a deep connection between all creatures and things. The Persian people understood this Matrix very well and the structure of the universe and they expressed it out in their constructions, designs, paintings and carpets, is just a physical expression of that immaterial energy contented in every single thing. Is a language that we are still learning, a language that can be understood by any living creature, shared and multiplied according to our intentions, an Universal law that applied to all of us, an eternity cycle with many realities that can be modified if we understand what is about, because ones you learn a language you are able to speak , to communicate and to be understood , and that’s what is happening when we learn the language of life, the language of the universe as this great scientific said:

— ‘If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration- Nikola Tesla

We have the power to cure, to destroy and to create, it’s up to us this life and all experiences we have,

Having faith is something that we have to master, practicing the power of intention, learning how to manage emotions and feelings and channeling them properly.

This Knowledge is not new, or something secret and unattainable, we can find it in every civilization, cultures from the past, religions, and spiritual legacies, every single holy book and message is giving us the key to access to this Divine matrix.

Bibliography and References

Gregg Braden, The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles, and Belief, Ed.Hay House 2007

(2) Reviewed by Margaret Cullison, February 8, 2007. Foreword Magazine, Inc.

Robert B Stone, La magia del poder Psicotrónico, Edaf, 1998

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