Becoming a Master in Love?

Learning how to be a Master in Love…

First of all you have to be really mad but extremely wise, obsessed with life in all its forms and a believer of everything ….

. other than that just use all your 7 senses , learn how to feel , feel everything, everyone and beyond appearances, feeling gives you translated emotions from those you want to approach and are the target of your desire, and by all means communicate , speak , talk, chat, laugh, message, show signs of life and stay tuned.

Understanding is the second factor , pay attention, listen , gather information, the more you know the more connected you get. When in search of companions; be available but free of expectations, be there but not limiting anybody space, give to complement not to compensate, to attract not to buy, to support not to do the work for them…and be aware of the duality, the ying and yang, cause and effect, give and take….such is the game of the Lovers.

Understanding that causes are revealed to the effects and these are proportional to the causes is the great key to access the kingdom of Love and human relation ships

And how is this possible?

For everything that is emitted must have its response, when the another person feels pressured the result is the accumulation of something and then its repression, which will make him feel so alienated in him or herself, that they will choose to abandon the source of such influences . It means don’t be very intense , create balance and manage the anxiety!!

If, on the contrary the other party or we as partner or as they call it now : ‘My significant other’ provides freedom and countless opportunities and spaces for the partner to live and be independent, that someone will have the tendency to seek the roots of the source that provides for him/her with it. All the things i am telling you here are part of a constant game of Love between human beings, thus, in the changing world of relationships, one will choose to be passive, active, receiver or emitter according to the nature of the being or beings we got or we choose as companions.

we don’t relate by affection but by default

It usually happens between couples that differences arise in the levels of doing: by actions and ways, having and thinking, since misunderstanding arises from the diversity of their evolutionary state, it means according to your level of evolution.

How many times does it happen that there is a deep attraction for someone, but when expressing it, it is not possible to be clear or make sense of what we feel?

What happens? Well, it is the confusion in which the mind is immersed in trying to explain what consciousness whatever its level, has elaborated. And this confusion is present because the organism in its immense wisdom intuits above all the attraction, emotion and desire; that this another person is not really prepared to be our Partner.

It can also happens that you can be located on a lower level, but it is not so complicated since the innate tendency towards transcendence allows an easy assimilation of the encounter and the experience, also if you experience this confusion you can decide to continue living situations corresponding to the level that is crossed and at another time by voluntary decision, reach a more advanced one. It is the same as what the particles do to perform a «quantum leap»: accumulate energy to increase their vibratory state and transcend which is somehow less difficult, than getting rid of the evolution and acquired self-realizing capacity, to descend to other spaces in favor of the desire to «be with» someone that is not yet at our level. And sometimes only with certain emotions or thoughts we get that person to call us, to approach to be with us, sometimes we are already in a relationship but the silence hurts as much as saying ‘I Love you’ and the distance is an abyss even when we are sleeping in the same bed…but those are other subjects and Demons to fight another time…so, ….coming back to the duality and matrix in the relation ship , if consistent Transformation and Integration processes have been established by our significant one or by us, it could, by resonant effect, invade the atmosphere, environment, organism or field of action of one another with the acquired qualities and being influenced to such a degree that it is possible to take the lower level vibes to the stratum of consciousness we are at and in this way calibrate or recalibrate the union. What really makes such a feat possible is Love.

Love teaches you how to be a Master,

understanding other people needs is one of the keys, so many strategies are established to satisfy you so that you do not feel revered or the owner of the source that provides you with relaxing moments, tenderness, cuddling time, sex and other sweetness,

When liking or wanting someone take into account the shortcomings and capacities of that individual and without judging and by your own will if you desire, only if you desire and want to commit proceed to contribute to your partner’s evolution.

Don’t forget:  If a person already has something obtained from evolution and reached certain level that’s a gain so help him/her to manifest that something, remember it does not represent evolution for your partner or to the another person; it contributes to encourage her/him to develop the necessary skills and will power to access to other facets that are more costly,

Remember: If you want to teach something, you must first reach their heart, once there, they will learn even things you didn’t intend to teach. LB

L.B @medicineforthesoulweb

It works with everyone, everywhere and gets you the heart connections you desire.

Achieving Mastery is to have power, and power implies the ability to incite the other to tenderness, imagination, nakedness and total surrender. To be able to recognize sadness and joy, to see where there is a wound and fear to be hurt, the power attracts the kindred and as you have the power you can attract what you want.

Being aware of ourselves and others and their intricate existence is the Key to unleash the Power of Love

This understanding contributes to the feeling of non-duality, but great care must be taken with the excess of giving or surrender, since the result is the complete dissolution of the “I” and the total fusion with the other to whom we have been surrendered, running the risk of losing oneself as a man or a woman, but, losing oneself is not the end, no, while we live in this world, because in the search for transcendence exile is conceived in the face of the mundane, and contrary to this what can be done is to enjoy it,

At this point instinctivity and consciousness are conjugated to bear fruit in maturity, which is an attribute of Mastery, the environment will be renewed, and others will be affected; now what has been learned can be taught or lovely shared…. and one more thing….don’t forget to greet with a pleasant smile, say please and Thank you at all times.

with Love..


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