And the wise and loving magician said:

… Healing wounds is not getting reiki therapy or classes , placing crystals every where and opening Records.
Healing is not reading tarot, taking Bach flowers and pendulum with a Hebrew.
Healing is not just harmonizing.
Healing is TAKING CHARGE, and that is not for everyone, it is only for the brave and courageous who dare to enter the soul, follow its guidance and direction.
Healing is deep and intense, and it takes a lot of energy and a lot of time, so much time…so much patience…so much we have ignored ourselves …
To battle with an ego that will resist the changes that come from the soul is also to heal. Healing is bleeding, oozing, hurting, understanding, detaching , forgiving oneself and finally letting go…
Healing is going through successive states of anger, sadness, the need for solitude and silence… healing is going into the shadows and accepting it.
Healing is, despite everything, wonderful because it is liberating…Every discipline , element and path Reiki, crystals, akashic, Bach, are all tools but the healing channel is you…

Autor: Medicina para el Alma- Medicine for the Soul

I am a Light worker, Transpersonal Psychologist , God's Spoiled child and an Angel's Lover! - soy una trabajadora de Luz , Psicóloga Transpersonal, una consentida de Dios y amante de los Ángeles. Solo un poco de mi….una pizca de eternidad en esta tierra.. 42 años en un peregrinaje interno y muchas vivencias de un contenido existencial diverso y profundo, Encuentrame también en Psyalive

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