The Soul of Customer Experience: 5D Interactions

The Soul of customer experience is nothing different but the human essence contained in every single interaction at different levels of consciousness and reality from physical to virtual dimensions. From customer service and management to automation of processes plus a secret touch to it: Empathy= Connectivity-unification.


Empathy, i will always insist about this being the key to understand the Universe within each individual and design systems according to it. Its about translating the emotions and feelings of our customers into products and services to match their desires, the momentum of their needs and modify according to ours.

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“A shift in perspective makes the particles in your universe dance to new possibilities.” ~ Annie Kagan

The collective ideas , patterns, desires , trends are the Akashic records of the consumer behavior world, let us remember that theories explaining the human behavior , consumption patterns and data fields are just replicas of a unique vital structure, we just need eyes to see and minds to understand and to be enough smart apply into our field or profession.

So,  we transcended from the 3D separateness  experiences  to 4D Awakening to 5D Unified Interactions upgrading the way we deal with corporations, businesses and people and call the process different names each time,  we call it service, delight, customer care, satisfaction, customer oriented, marketing psychology and so on , then we prepare a full theory , offer it  and buy it each time as a totally new and brilliant  approach…


And this Time is Customer Experience in 5D.

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Traditional Systems and business People will tell me that i am delusional and my proposal is ridiculous but i have the perfect answer to it: “Birds born in a cage think flying is an illness.” ~ Alejandro Jodorowski



Psychology of Customer Experience :

by Luz Betty

CX  is taking over and recently does it here in UAE in this society so demanding and eager for innovation, excellence and quality, it has been opening  the way through the business world in MENA region,  and UAE big companies won’t be the exception, but, For a real establishment of such important work, there must first be a greater understanding of what CX means, plus an evolution of customer service and hospitality that is currently being delivered by all companies in the world.

Cx in my humble opinion is the total humanization of customer service, but is not only about customers, it is about employees, is to approach individuals and consumers from their «emotional self», establishing connections that go beyond simple coo working, management and customer delight, understanding their motivations, their vital interactions and translating them into strategies for the promotion, profit and benefit of our companies regardless of the size, purpose or business model.

To CX applies very well the hermetic principle that says: “As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”Hermes Trismegistus

Depending on how our employees are treated so will be the experiences of our customers and vice versa, if the organizational culture within the company is positive all our customers will receive the same energy. Vibes don’t lie…   Obviously there are exceptions to the rule due to war of egos, powers, and other symptoms of -cultural unrest- leading to uncomfortable situations with customer service representatives. So I recommend that all consumer experience experts study human behavior, and our CS representatives have a high tolerance to frustration.

A person, a client, a case study,undefined

That person,  client or consumer with whom we speak, we interview and assist daily, is a human being that can be easily decoded, read, and understood through quantitative and qualitative tools that can be used as a master key to their experiences and allow us to anticipate to their moves, ideas, wishes and needs as well as to create such a deep link with our products and institutions that the customer have no choice but to continue and advocate for our brand and services, but to get to this we have to work in synergy within the organization a single link in the chain loose … and the organizational culture is lost therefore social trust , respect and loyalty from employees and clients.

My mentor asked me to write about CX once, last year to be more exact,  and gave me so many documents, information and tasks that honestly I have lost count,…but I can’t deny that I have enjoyed every single one…On this occasion Im writing based on 17 years of multiple interactions as a Psychologist and as a woman, with 10 years in the Middle East sailing the dunes of an extremely changing, diverse and multicultural society, and more recently dedicated and focused on CX part time in the fitness industry where I got the chance to talk and listen to thousands of people , survey some hundreds and track some dozen of journeys. A place where the existential motivators of our clients are as variants as the weather, their expectations are changing on daily basis and their lives direction make them arrive at our Port at different points of existence with dozens of expectations, emotions, feelings, needs and ideas as many as individuals join us looking forward to use our services and change their lives..

For us as CX representatives or Managers we must be lighthouses guiding their journey, sometimes god-parenting them, mentoring and supporting them on new beginnings,  being a psychiatrist on duty sometimes…    we become life strategists, advisors, new best friends or worst enemies  and so many other roles playing on daily basis, and this…this is precisely the ultimate reason why Customer Experience must be implemented and  should be promoted not only with our consumers but with our colleagues and managers, seeking the consistency of the department in and out the organization.

 I have learned and confirmed that Regardless of the company’s size, consolidating processes focused on our clients and their experiences are essential to the business and that we must always be Obsessed with excellence, Integrity and Organizational Culture.

Unity Vs Diversity: Multiculturalism

UAE is a country with infinite ranges of cultures and traditions, racial mixtures, intercultural unions and at the same time a nation under a faith and laws that are to be respected and followed and become the basis for those who come to this part of the world to work or start a family.

Each of our clients and potential ones are totally different, is a totally different world from one individual to another, obviously, and as clients theycreate and have their own expectations and ideas about our services, as CX representative I had to adapt and rethink my way of approaching each of them and breaking the ice and Emotional blockages that could affect our study, research and results, sitting with them become a pilgrimage to different lands in 8, 9, 10..hours of work….in the end,, is a journey that I really enjoy.

The moving dunes: Big Changes in short distances

Ways and manners vary from area to area, city to city, person to person…language and attitude must be adapted.  Assertiveness, congruence, image, tone of voice, the way we look at them and personal energy can build bridges or tear down the house. I learned a lot with the daily interactions during surveys and interviews, sometimes spontaneous conversations somewhere, but never in the same place or with privacy or conducted in an isolated area,  I had to be much more aware of what I was doing and talking, used smart body language and expressions,  , so that whoever saw that scenario as well as the receiver in front of me would perceive a positive or neutral vibe and get a concrete message with no gap for misinterpretation.

With all my experience dealing with people individuals and groups I can’t tell my Team and I are always victorious, some things go down badly, with rejection, mistreatment, manipulative speech etc…and other times it goes peacefully and lovely with a perfect experience to all parties involved, addressing clients and managing conflicting persons is not easy, but that’s the life and this is the human nature, changing like a dune in the desert.

All feedbacks are important….not all are valid but necessary to the final master piece

Every single person has something to say in this part of the world, and is natural to want attention and to feel we are somehow special and deserve a unique treatment.

Having hundred of valuable feedbacks positive and negative and some thousands that are less significant can provide loads of important information, is like a puzzle and all parts are required for the whole master piece.

I don’t disregard or discard the opinion of any of our clients or external contacts and as a CX coordinator I must assist and genuinely provide support as much as I can always, within the frame of Company’s Rules and policies that are not always to be liked by customers or employees but there must be someone to ensure they are being followed and implemented so we can create a perfect and controllable experience when required. Being soft and strong (wisely balanced) is the key.

Developing the ability to be soft and strong is truly an art. It is a gift, a talent, and a superpower. However, it takes a little longer for others to accept and understand because it is so different. People have a hard time comprehending that someone can be two seemingly opposite things at the same time. As humans, we are inclined to place people in either one category or another.

Patterns and Paths:

Universal patterns are everywhere, and everything has been created with number, measure and weight, that give us the opportunity to find patterns and similarities in the behaviors and opinions of our customers and everyone around us.

Obvious things can be seen by us during the time of the mystery shopper, but what really maintains consumer loyalty is hidden behind the obvious, analyzing those patterns I have found the answer to my CX research.

Customer Journey Piers

Each potential client-consumer arrives at a different point of their emotional journey but all of them must check in on a common point before joining the company or becoming a client.

And this is where we get to put them on track, retain them and make them loyal users for good or for bad, all depends of the business model of the organization and their priorities.

To make this a massive and productive commercial Pier the whole company have to speak CX and everyone must be aware of the Customer Journey and being familiar with consumer behavior,  a single person or independent department can’t make it on their own, all departments within the organization are necessary and important to the Customer Experience process.

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