Lorie Ladd, a channel for multi-dimensional Light Beings who shares their point of view on our ascension process, also talks about 2020 as the year of full disclosure (20/20 vision) that hadn’t happen yet.

She explains at 5:08 minute mark that in 2021, we will notice that we, as light warriors, are at the front line of this massive awakening and all that matters is that I, we,

“are capable of holding the higher states of consciousness in your body to be able assist humanity as they move through this”

22:04 minute mark: she speaks about the war between the light and dark forces.

“This is one of the most potent and important times in our entire history of third dimensional humanity right here right now. We are preparing for a massive energetic war so to speak in a very beautiful way. Not bad. Not scary. Not dark. Not negative.”https://www.youtube.com/embed/30u0AglFWMk


Various sources, such as Charlie Ward, report on the proceeding of the operation to save children and women from trafficking in underground tunnels and bases in Australia (and perhaps, in New Zealand, too).


From sources that I’m following, the operation to save the children is near ending in Australia. They have saved, according to Charlie Ward, 300,000 children and they expect to save a total of 1 million children in this country! (Operation Disclosure). It is assumed that it would take two more weeks to end this operation there. It is said that the Americans did the “heavy lifting” and now the Australians need to clean up (blow up the underground tunnels and bases?).

You can watch this excellent presentation of the deep underground bases in Australia by Gene Decode on Blessed to Teach YouTube channel here:https://www.youtube.com/embed/gragk6e5_dY

Gene Decode is one of world’s experts on D.U.M.B.s, their locations and their histories. He has been studying the Cabal for 30 years and never had thought that he would witness the ultimate defeat of the Cabal by the Alliance (Operation Disclosure).


Q posted a drop on Israel being saved for last two and a half years ago on March 10, 2018 Q drop 613193.

saving israel for last q drop

Image: qagg.news

Last for what? It was very unclear. But apparently now we know… Last for the clean up of the underground tunnels and bases here. Yes, it’s the hardest when it hits close to home.

Friends don’t want to believe me when I share this information with them and deny that anything like this can happen in Israel. Don’t try to Google this information. However, it happens everywhere, including in Europe (Operation Defender 2020 perhaps?), Middle East, Asia, the U.S., and Latin America.

I hope that “they” will allow this article to be published, as Jason Shurka’s Instagram post sharing this bombshell intel was taken down.

Please watch his short message about this mission here:https://www.youtube.com/embed/RBMejTV80xw
From 0:23 second mark: “about a month ago, 3,000 marines from the U.S. Army were deployed to Israel for the purposes of training for an operation that’s about to happen in the next few days”.

Jason doesn’t have the exact date it would start or the answers to questions such as who is involved in this from the Israeli side, whether it’s the government or the IDF (0:39 second mark). All he knows is that these marines were deployed to Israel to start training and help with this operation. Moreover, he expects to see some sort of curfew without knowing all the reasons for it in Israel in the next coming days (1:30 second mark) which actually is about to happen and he’s right about the lockdown.

I assume that the operation is about to start and this is the reason that the government imposed a second lockdown in Israel starting from September 18 which is the Jewish New Year’s Eve this year. It is supposed to last for two weeks until the end of September-beginning of October.

It should be mentioned that Jason Shurkais a member of an organization called The Light System (abbreviated as “TLS”). One of the tasks that this organization is involved in is saving the children and according to his account, this organization had lost six agents during such missions in these underground bases and tunnels.


Yaron Gal Weis, a former Israeli diplomat who recently became a whistleblower, provides explosive intel about the operation in Israel. I’m translating the key points of the following video from Hebrew.

  • They are saving children in Israel, but there are not as many to save as in the U.S or Australia.
  • A major problem in Israel is organ harvesting. If you thought China has a serious problem concerning organ harvesting, it is also a big issue in Israel. He is certain that those involved in these heinous crimes will be dealt with.
  • The military operation started in Israel and it is in the “eye of the storm” now.
  • When the lockdown tightens in Israel, it would mean that very powerful people are being arrested.
  • In another video, he said that these underground tunnels and bases are 10 km (6 miles) below the surface!
  • He advises and also warns that when Israelis are instructed to stay at home, please stay at home to protect your lives. This is serious. I’m adding that this may also be relevant in regards to the planned second lockdown in the UK and other places.
  • There will be days of darkness (no TV, Internet, telephony etc. except for emergency broadcasts). He can’t say the dates because he doesn’t know them and anyone who gives you dates is lying. Only the small team around Trump and Trump himself know the dates.

Several things take place:

  1. Rescuing the children from underground tunnels. It is about to end in the next coming days.
  2. There are reports on drilling underground, explosions from a distance.
  3. Some people report unbearable smells of corpses in different areas in Israel.
  4. People constantly hear helicopters and airplanes in Israel’s skies. Most of the helicopters and airplanes are American. Not Israeli (IDF) ones. These are patrolling flights for various purposes. These are combat helicopters and planes.
  5. The operations in the Middle East haven’t ended yet (you may hear about mysterious explosions in Iran, Syria, Lebanon). But these operations are about to end and the focus moves to Israel.
  6. Very powerful people in the past and in the present in Israel who committed horrible crimes against humanity will be arrested soon. The swamp is being drained in Israel now. Finally.
  7. This lockdown will not end within three weeks (as the government announced). Unfortunately, this operation is taking much longer time than planned.
  8. The infrastructures for the QFS and the Quantum Internet (not 5G which I’m totally against) will be installed during the lockdown. The 5G rollout is being delayed for different reasons. 5G is not being installed. It’s being stalled. 5G systems are being converted into this Quantum Internet which is unharmful to us.
  9. The lockdowns in different countries are imposed for different reasons. Perhaps a global shutdown will imposed.
  10. This is a military operation and this is the reason why the Israeli government wants to transfer the power to the security forces to enforce the lockdown (as President Trump transferred the power to FEMA earlier this year perhaps?).

Why Does It Take So Much Time?

The operation takes longer time because they haven’t unsealed the indictments against those who were supposed to be prosecuted in the U.S. by now.

This causes delays in the operation both in Israel and worldwide.

The elections in the U.S. are held in November so we’ll see the lockdown imposed until this is over. The reason is that huge riots are expected to occur until then and shortly after the U.S. elections worldwide.https://www.youtube.com/embed/LbeQ3eTkHvs


From the information that I’ve gathered, these severely traumatized children are being treated by med beds.

According to Charlie Freak on Operation Disclosure,

“Med Beds are real and currently being used to heal the children being rescued from the tunnels.”

They are the first to be treated by this ground breaking technology.

Kat, who transcribed a video with Charlie Freak and his wife, Collywog (Colleen,) and host, Lokesh (on Operation Disclosure), notes that this ultra-advanced medical, or healing technology, has been suppressed for a long time [even millennia]. It will not be available to the general public until the Cabal totally collapses and rendered powerless.

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