About Bad Bosses and other demons…

It makes me feel sick to see how large companies are delivered into the hands of incompetent leaders, the direction of important departments to managers without commitment for their duties, by unethical and code less people who would be willing to do anything in order to achieve some numbers/results. I’m still trying to justify the meanings , to find a justification for them,… will take a while to find a good one

How they forget that their actions have an impact on the environment, on the lives of every person and situation involved, every action has an effect on society and the world,

We are too used to advertisements that are only a parody of the reality of the services that some companies today are offering, it is a filtered and making-up arrangement of promises to the people/customer that are rarely fulfilled or that do not exist, … cheating has become the daily bread of advertising delivered by service providers and media narrative and something similar is happening with the jobs and recruitment industry.. but that’s another subject .. let’s focus on leadership failures for now,,,on a negative note this time..

Obviously not everything or everyone can be perfect but we have to create balance, we have to be ethical and congruent as leaders ,extremely consistent and above all respectful…Respectful of the place and work environment, of colleagues and employees regardless of their positions.

Many of the bosses that I have known throughout my life, mine and other people leaders have a different style of management, some with the profile and adequate academic background that prepares them for it and others with the natural skills for the position, .. nevertheless an integral formation is required, ….and I would suggest that in their formation the following subjects are always include and mark as mandatory : principles of psychology, bioethics and human development

The mental state of our Leaders and their personalities will influence each action, each project, each undertaking, each result, their behaviors will have a positive or negative echo in the lives of all, at all levels: family, social, economic, academic , personal because : in every small actions the personalities are reflected, …. not even the most professional of the actors, or pathological liar can hide his true nature when it comes to leading a team, nobody can sustain a false image for a long time especially in times of crisis, and that is why it is necessary to be very methodical and cautious when selecting our bosses and employees if we are in a position to do so.

I have seen and felt hearts and dreams destroyed in the vilest way due to mistreatment at work, sarcasm, ridicule, insult, an orders badly given in a time of pressure or stress, but sometimes this will be taken easily and passes by only because it is the “boss” or a significant person who has «sinned».

After underestimating, pressuring, disrespecting, manipulating, and subjecting others there is no going back, words, looks, and actions are more dangerous than a weapon of mass destruction and have long-term repercussions …

workplace injuries are sometimes more painful than the wounds of Love …

Professional disappointments, frustrations and discontents can mark us for life, Sometimes, we have the opportunity to have wonderful business owners, but we have the misfortune of having disastrous heads of divisions, departments and therefore employees with a constant distortion of authority, direction and an eternal cognitive dissonance.

…. 🪔This is where I make a stop in the way of this short writing and. , … I answer to myself ,,,: precisely that is the heart of the matter ,, we all know it ,,,but few will speak it ,, few express it and do something to change the individual circumstances or those or their peers, few undertake small adventures and tasks that collaborate to a better ambience and work environment, or make their personalities wonderful source of strength , assertiveness and time management, balancing quality and quantity of daily tasks Vs. their results, but above all differentiating between what is expected and what must be delivered according to the job description. 🗝Service Vs Servility.

🚫it is under no circumstances admissible for a boss to tell you that he does not care if you sleep or not, if you do not rest, if you miss your son’s recital because it is the end of the month and you have to do some numbers,

It cannot be possible for a boss to give you an individual responsibility or task when you are connected by default and work-affection to a work team, and only ask you to deliver results when the process is involved him and your colleagues and you need their support so that other individuals collaborate and put energy towards the same goal, Can’t be correct for a Boss to gossip about employees and coworkers and to create division within a team, to undermine people and create toxic competitions.

Respect for the time and lives of other human beings is as important as results and productivity, when this is not understood and implemented the only possible result is chaos.

How many times do we get scared when we hear footsteps in the corridor of the office and we know that he is our department head or the bad and negative partner of the team?

when you want to stretch your arms and walk a little but once you turn around you find the supervisor stepping on your  heels? ,,then you realize that your paranoia is getting worse….

when you don’t have a peaceful night or a quiet weekend because there is always something unfinished that your boss wants it done or have updates on.  ?

How many have told me they get up in the morning and say to them selves: I’m lazy to go to work, …..want to throw my phone away, ….I just closed my FB or IG account , I don’t want to know about anything,,,,,,I fear answering calls or opening messages ……. and even have a panic attack when the phone ring and is the boss calling...

All are symptoms of a dysfunctional company, and a very disturbed mental state, ..those are dark fears and job traumas that turn into internal demons constantly stalking us.

Finally … today … reviewing the comments, arguments, hostilities experiences of my colleagues, patients and other acquaintances during the last years, months and recently the last weeks with more fervor and more in a high tone than ever, I can say and conclude, that more than trying to change «bad bosses» and directions or complaining about them and their abuses or mistakes, it is about being assertive with ourselves and towards others…..

Do not stay where you are suffering and most important stop contributing to chaos, start reinforcing your self and other people’s work with class , professionalism and ethics, stop gossiping and poisoning others’ environments and minds with comments and react in time to misuses of authority and toxic styles of leadership.

The organizational or cultural structure of a company is made up of the individualities of its employees who come together for a common good called vision and mission, are reinforced by integrity and commitment, maintained by ethics and respect, and become immune to disqualified managers if the system of work and camaraderie is healthy.

https://reba.global/content/what-does-a-mentally-healthy-company-look-like-here-are-10-essential-practicesIt all starts with ourselves, creating waves of change, … after all, bad bosses will never change, not because they are bad , it is because their nature is just that, there are no quantum leaps in personality and energy for an unconscious person, … But ,,, if we go a little further and apply a few group theories, principles of physics and chemistry, perhaps we can find the salvation table for our dysfunctional companies ,,, and that will be the topic of my next post……..

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