Lorie Ladd, a channel for multi-dimensional Light Beings who shares their point of view on our ascension process, also talks about 2020 as the year of full disclosure (20/20 vision) that hadn’t happen yet.

She explains at 5:08 minute mark that in 2021, we will notice that we, as light warriors, are at the front line of this massive awakening and all that matters is that I, we,

“are capable of holding the higher states of consciousness in your body to be able assist humanity as they move through this”

22:04 minute mark: she speaks about the war between the light and dark forces.

“This is one of the most potent and important times in our entire history of third dimensional humanity right here right now. We are preparing for a massive energetic war so to speak in a very beautiful way. Not bad. Not scary. Not dark. Not negative.”https://www.youtube.com/embed/30u0AglFWMk


Various sources, such as Charlie Ward, report on the proceeding of the operation to save children and women from trafficking in underground tunnels and bases in Australia (and perhaps, in New Zealand, too).


From sources that I’m following, the operation to save the children is near ending in Australia. They have saved, according to Charlie Ward, 300,000 children and they expect to save a total of 1 million children in this country! (Operation Disclosure). It is assumed that it would take two more weeks to end this operation there. It is said that the Americans did the “heavy lifting” and now the Australians need to clean up (blow up the underground tunnels and bases?).

You can watch this excellent presentation of the deep underground bases in Australia by Gene Decode on Blessed to Teach YouTube channel here:https://www.youtube.com/embed/gragk6e5_dY

Gene Decode is one of world’s experts on D.U.M.B.s, their locations and their histories. He has been studying the Cabal for 30 years and never had thought that he would witness the ultimate defeat of the Cabal by the Alliance (Operation Disclosure).


Q posted a drop on Israel being saved for last two and a half years ago on March 10, 2018 Q drop 613193.

saving israel for last q drop

Image: qagg.news

Last for what? It was very unclear. But apparently now we know… Last for the clean up of the underground tunnels and bases here. Yes, it’s the hardest when it hits close to home.

Friends don’t want to believe me when I share this information with them and deny that anything like this can happen in Israel. Don’t try to Google this information. However, it happens everywhere, including in Europe (Operation Defender 2020 perhaps?), Middle East, Asia, the U.S., and Latin America.

I hope that “they” will allow this article to be published, as Jason Shurka’s Instagram post sharing this bombshell intel was taken down.

Please watch his short message about this mission here:https://www.youtube.com/embed/RBMejTV80xw
From 0:23 second mark: “about a month ago, 3,000 marines from the U.S. Army were deployed to Israel for the purposes of training for an operation that’s about to happen in the next few days”.

Jason doesn’t have the exact date it would start or the answers to questions such as who is involved in this from the Israeli side, whether it’s the government or the IDF (0:39 second mark). All he knows is that these marines were deployed to Israel to start training and help with this operation. Moreover, he expects to see some sort of curfew without knowing all the reasons for it in Israel in the next coming days (1:30 second mark) which actually is about to happen and he’s right about the lockdown.

I assume that the operation is about to start and this is the reason that the government imposed a second lockdown in Israel starting from September 18 which is the Jewish New Year’s Eve this year. It is supposed to last for two weeks until the end of September-beginning of October.

It should be mentioned that Jason Shurkais a member of an organization called The Light System (abbreviated as “TLS”). One of the tasks that this organization is involved in is saving the children and according to his account, this organization had lost six agents during such missions in these underground bases and tunnels.


Yaron Gal Weis, a former Israeli diplomat who recently became a whistleblower, provides explosive intel about the operation in Israel. I’m translating the key points of the following video from Hebrew.

  • They are saving children in Israel, but there are not as many to save as in the U.S or Australia.
  • A major problem in Israel is organ harvesting. If you thought China has a serious problem concerning organ harvesting, it is also a big issue in Israel. He is certain that those involved in these heinous crimes will be dealt with.
  • The military operation started in Israel and it is in the “eye of the storm” now.
  • When the lockdown tightens in Israel, it would mean that very powerful people are being arrested.
  • In another video, he said that these underground tunnels and bases are 10 km (6 miles) below the surface!
  • He advises and also warns that when Israelis are instructed to stay at home, please stay at home to protect your lives. This is serious. I’m adding that this may also be relevant in regards to the planned second lockdown in the UK and other places.
  • There will be days of darkness (no TV, Internet, telephony etc. except for emergency broadcasts). He can’t say the dates because he doesn’t know them and anyone who gives you dates is lying. Only the small team around Trump and Trump himself know the dates.

Several things take place:

  1. Rescuing the children from underground tunnels. It is about to end in the next coming days.
  2. There are reports on drilling underground, explosions from a distance.
  3. Some people report unbearable smells of corpses in different areas in Israel.
  4. People constantly hear helicopters and airplanes in Israel’s skies. Most of the helicopters and airplanes are American. Not Israeli (IDF) ones. These are patrolling flights for various purposes. These are combat helicopters and planes.
  5. The operations in the Middle East haven’t ended yet (you may hear about mysterious explosions in Iran, Syria, Lebanon). But these operations are about to end and the focus moves to Israel.
  6. Very powerful people in the past and in the present in Israel who committed horrible crimes against humanity will be arrested soon. The swamp is being drained in Israel now. Finally.
  7. This lockdown will not end within three weeks (as the government announced). Unfortunately, this operation is taking much longer time than planned.
  8. The infrastructures for the QFS and the Quantum Internet (not 5G which I’m totally against) will be installed during the lockdown. The 5G rollout is being delayed for different reasons. 5G is not being installed. It’s being stalled. 5G systems are being converted into this Quantum Internet which is unharmful to us.
  9. The lockdowns in different countries are imposed for different reasons. Perhaps a global shutdown will imposed.
  10. This is a military operation and this is the reason why the Israeli government wants to transfer the power to the security forces to enforce the lockdown (as President Trump transferred the power to FEMA earlier this year perhaps?).

Why Does It Take So Much Time?

The operation takes longer time because they haven’t unsealed the indictments against those who were supposed to be prosecuted in the U.S. by now.

This causes delays in the operation both in Israel and worldwide.

The elections in the U.S. are held in November so we’ll see the lockdown imposed until this is over. The reason is that huge riots are expected to occur until then and shortly after the U.S. elections worldwide.https://www.youtube.com/embed/LbeQ3eTkHvs


From the information that I’ve gathered, these severely traumatized children are being treated by med beds.

According to Charlie Freak on Operation Disclosure,

“Med Beds are real and currently being used to heal the children being rescued from the tunnels.”

They are the first to be treated by this ground breaking technology.

Kat, who transcribed a video with Charlie Freak and his wife, Collywog (Colleen,) and host, Lokesh (on Operation Disclosure), notes that this ultra-advanced medical, or healing technology, has been suppressed for a long time [even millennia]. It will not be available to the general public until the Cabal totally collapses and rendered powerless.

Anuncio publicitario

Mass Awakening


We need to awaken as many people as possible to thwart the Cabal’s horrifying plans for humanity and earth. As censorship is increasing, you are important to this mass awakening of humanity. Please remember this and share this article far and wide!

Always discern and do your own research.

flash of light symbolizing god

Image by Lumina Obscura from Pixabay


We are in the midst of what seems to be the greatest, and perhaps, the last war of all. We see incredible evil but also amazingly good things that happen at the same time like saving the children from underground bases and tunnels worldwide.

Although our reality looks very bleak, the light forces are winning. When I use the word light, or light forces, it is equivalent to God. We have free choice and we can choose which side we take: collaborating with the light forces or the dark forces.

“Gods side good or “Satan’s” side evil” (answers Yahoo).

The inspiration for this article is Q post 3757. Although I’m not a Q follower, I admit that when I saw this drop, it had an impact on me.

God wins Q drop

Image: QMap.pub

“If you read this, you’re the resistance” (paraphrasing Kerry Cassidy, Project Camelot)


White hats can also be called the light forces fighting the Cabal worldwide. The Alliance is part of the “white hats” or light forces.

White Hats


According to Charlie Freak and Collywog (talk transcribed by Kat on Operation Disclosure),

“The Alliance is tiny: The loyal Military, their families, the Kennedys and the Trumps. That’s it.”


According to Scarenormal, this term originates from mid-1950’s to the late-1990’s ‘Wild West’ movies that had an allegorical meaning.

“The good cowboys always wore ‘White hats‘, and the bad cowboys always wore ‘Black hats‘.”

This reference to the ‘white hats’ “is used to associate a good secret government agency, group or person that is working for the people against the ‘black hats’, the cabal.” (Scarenormal)


According to Scarenormal, the White Hats operate worldwide incognito and are not limited to one location. I would also add, from my sources, that there is not one entirely good secret government agency or group, as they are all compromised and there is a battle between the light forces and dark forces within these agencies and groups. However, things might be different these days in the U.S. as the intelligence agencies went through some clearing and are no longer as corrupt as they used to be before President Donald Trump entered office.

“There’s a war going on behind the scene (in-fighting within countries, within organizations) between “dark hats” (the “Powers that Be” who will become the “Powers that Were”) and the “white hats” (the good guys worldwide who are involved in dismantling this power structure). It is a very coordinated effort underway, and has been for years, to remove the dark forces from this world and that they want to get humanity out of this mess that we currently experience.” (Mass Awakening, p. 20).

According to Dane Arr on PrepareforChange.net,

“The “black hats” are done. Their time, their purpose has come to its end. “


These White Hats groups work worldwide to defeat the Cabal to save humanity from its clutches and improve life on earth while some operate to awaken humanity to our true reality (Scarenormal).

One such major society, or group, is the white nobility that I’ve mentioned in my article Who Controls the World.

Both the Black Nobility that controls the 13 bloodlines, and not the other way around, and the White Nobility originate from Italy.

According to 2012Portal blog, the White Nobility “worked towards the liberation of the planet, some of them for millennia.”


According to The Galactic Free Press, not all aristocratic families aligned themselves with the Cabal. Some of them resisted them passively and some actively.

Similarly to the Cabal, the White Nobility also uses and has occult tradition. However, the main difference between these two groups in this aspect, is that the White Nobility uses the occult for positive and the betterment of humanity, while the Cabal uses it to enslave humanity.

The Galactic Free Press elaborates that the occult tradition of these noble families

“goes back a few millennia into the mystery schools of ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt. Mysteries of the Goddess are their greatest secret and their main occult weapon against the Cabal.”

According to this source, these families are connected with the positive Templar groups.

It’s important to note that the Black Nobility are associated with the Jesuits and receive their orders directly from the Archons. They are revolted by the Goddess energy (The Galactic Free Press).

According to The Galactic Free Press,

“They are waging an occult war against the White Nobility families that are trying to spread the Light and support feminine qualities such as compassion, receptivity, creativity, love…”

The names of those White Nobility families should not be disclosed yet to protect them. But they tirelessly work behind the scenes for the benefit of humanity.

“Some of them are involved with creation of the new and fair financial system that will replace the current one very soon, another group is focused on revealing occult knowledge of the ages.” (The Galactic Free Press)

Watch here about the White Nobility Familieshttps://www.youtube.com/embed/iBIe7qX5NFk


Scarenormal mentions four societies:

  1. QAnon which it considers “the single biggest and greatest military intelligence operation in the history of humanity. The military intelligence consists of highly experienced white hat patriots who are ready to arrest the deep state cabal.” (Scarenormal) For more details about QAnon, you can check my article about Censorship.
  2. White Dragon Society is a society that Benjamin Fulford mentions a lot in his articles. It is an Asian society that is working to free humanity from the Cabal’s control. “They represent warriors who obey the rules of honor, chivalry and morals.” (Scarenormal)
  3. Western Alliance that started from the U.S. Military. According to Scarenormal, this group began planning to free the U.S. from the control of the Cabal after the attacks on the World Trade Center in NYC. It is said, that this group helped “in the decision for Donald Trump to run for the presidency.” (Information Clearing House News)
  4. Gnostic Illuminati – surprisingly, or not, some Illuminati do not side with the evil Cabal/Illuminati but with the White Hats. This group sides with the White Hats. They reject religion, as they are aware it was edited. “Their core belief system is in a free world.” (Illuminati Watcherbibliotecapleyades.net)


Jim Willie, a forward-thinking and insightful writer and analyst of today’s events (Gold Eagle), provides very insightful commentary on the nature of the battle between good and evil that is happening today right before our eyes on X22 Report. I’m citing the key points of this very interesting talk:

27:46 minute mark: “we are at the end of a very dangerous and violent phase where murder of attorneys, accountants, political figures, and bankers have been the standard procedure in order to protect and move giant gold troves. Some of them have been rescued and some are waiting to come forward.”

30:20: “Titanic struggle of good versus evil: Team Trump (they are not 100% good but their majority is good) they are pitted against very evil banker cabal… they are evil personified. They are the manifestation of evil.”https://www.youtube.com/embed/2YdUgGKb3c4



According to Before It’s News, President Trump who heads the vast child rescue missions around the world, saved many thousands of children and women from trafficking. This amazing mission could be successful not only with the leadership of President Donald Trump, but with the involvement of many forces and organizations, including the Pentagon Pedophile Task Force, U.S. Marines and Special Forces in collaboration with Interpol, and various nations’ special military forces.

These missions include, according to Before It’s News, arrests of pedophile perpetrators and destroying the underground bases and tunnels after rescuing the children and women. The destruction of such tunnels and bases by bombs caused minor earthquakes.

On September 6, such a huge tunnel was destroyed in the Philippines and was accompanied by an earthquake (Before It’s News).

Charlie Ward, according to Operation Disclosure, is one of those people who has actually have been in these underground tunnels

“where his team moved gold from the Vatican to the US Treasury for the Alliance and Global Currency Reset.” (Operation Disclosure)


A military report dated September 3 (Operation Disclosure) provides the key points of the progress in the cleanup of the tunnel network worldwide:

“DUMB clearance in Australia was estimated at 15%, with massive work still to be done. New Zealand was at 15%, with newly discovered tunnels. Some work has been done in Papua New Guinea. British Isles were estimated 25% cleared, South America 18%. 87,000 have been removed from Germany. Tunnels under the Black Forest were being cleared. Merkel is under house arrest. Gitmo is full. High profile cases are being taken to Greenland. Some are being transferred to FEMA camps. Plans are being made for new holding facilities to be built.” (Operation Disclosure)


If you know where to look for it, it’s there in plain sight, whether in movies, documentaries, and recently even on mainstream media.

According to Daily Mail Online(September 21), the Attorney General of the US Virgin Islands has subpoenaed Jeffrey Epstein’s flight logs which will reveal the names of every passenger that have flown on his aircraft from 1998 until his death in 2019.

Sound of Freedom is a movie based on the true story of “Tim Ballard (Jim Caviezel) who quit his job at The Department of Homeland Security to help save the lives of thousands of children from human trafficking.” (Q News Network YouTube Channel)https://www.youtube.com/embed/7oZE2nod4i0
A new documentary about child trafficking is CONTRALAND_2020

Veterans For Child rescue (V4CR) is a non-Profit organization that gathers the facts on child trafficking to inform, alert, and empower the American populace on the issue to help safeguard the children.

According to Operation Disclosure, the mission to rescue children in New York started in March and ended at the end of May. 200,000 children were rescued, six TLS agents died (Jason Shurka).


globalmodernslavery.org provides a list of 2,000 organizations in the U.S. and worldwide which provide help to survivors of human trafficking. Click the map and zoom in the region in which you’re interested in getting involved and volunteer.

You can join Tim Ballard, the founder and CEO of Operation Underground Railroadwhich mission is to save children from international sex trafficking.

Here’s a video of Tim Ballard talking at Googlehttps://www.youtube.com/embed/FT4tmI8YxCU


According to Operation Disclosure, The QFS – Quantum Financial System – and asset-backed USN, the sovereign currency of the U.S. would be fully online on October 1st

“for the start of the Restored Republic federal govt fiscal year.” (Operation Disclosure)

Congratulations, Americans!

To understand more what is the new financial system, QFS, which will replace the current financial system, please watch this very informative video about QFS provided by Charlie Ward.

A few important pointers in this video:

  • 9:09 minute mark – only gold or asset currencies that have a digital gold or asset certificate will be transferred through the QFS.
  • USN – is the sovereign currency of the U.S.
  • Your accounts will be solely under your control.
  • Banks will become obsolete.
  • No fiat currency is legal in QFS

In another talk between Charlie Ward and David Nino Rodriquez, there will not be voting in mail in the coming elections in the U.S. but a Quantum Voting System that cannot be hacked (14:19 minute mark).

24:45 There’s over a million people who have had their debts cleared in America – Charlie Freak (NESARA).

25:49 All the taxes that you’ve paid in your life are fake and they will be returned to us.

30:10 What Charlie foresees for October? Lockdown – finalizing the draining of the swamp and also the transition from the current financial system to the new one

32:00 The lockdown in Israel will begin on September 18 and last for three week… the process of transition to the new financial system and there are a lot of very evil people here who will try to hijack the transition (from the current to the new financial system) [The second shutdown in Israel started on the date that Charlie Ward mentioned, on September 18].

33:17 The reasons for a potential spike in mortality… if people in America attempt to hijack the transition, there will be a sudden “spike” in cases, the cities will come into lockdown to arrest the people who tried to hijack…

35:38 The “names” of those arrested and executed will come up next year in March.https://www.youtube.com/embed/Hn6dJc5-52Y

Both the QFS and QVS are unhackable (Charlie Ward on Operation Disclosuretranscribed by Kat):

“The Quantum computer is being monitored by very high beings at 5th Density. The Quantum Financial System (QFS) and the Quantum Voting System (QVS) are unhackable.”

Something very exciting regrading NESARA/GESARA is that it enables the release of 6,000 patents of suppressed technologies, including free energy devices, sonic healing machines, and anti-gravity, under the guise of national security that will revolutionize our lives (Kat note on Operation Disclosure).

IntoTheLightnews provides the list of changes that will be implemented under NESARA/GESARA. The following are only a few changes:

  • Zeros out all credit card, mortgage, and other bank debt due to illegal banking and government activities. This is the Federal Reserve’s worst nightmare, a “jubilee” or a forgiveness of debt.
  • Abolishes the income tax.
  • Abolishes the IRS. Employees of the IRS will be transferred into the US Treasury national sales tax area.
  • Creates a 14% flat rate non-essential new items only sales tax revenue for the government. In other words, food and medicine will not be taxed; nor will used items such as old homes.
  • Increases benefits to senior citizens.
  • Returns Constitutional Law to all courts and legal matters.

If you want to learn more about the QFS and GESARA/NESARA, please check my article The Global Currency Reset and Our Liberation from the Debt Slavery Financial System.

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