A Humanized Rose

And what if we compare human nature with every creature and elemental force? … Aren’t they the same…? Are we not like the flowers, the winds, the flames and the seas?
The whole of humanity is reflected in a drop, in a cell, … and I particularly like to compare it with a Rose … because I am a lover of symbolic correspondences and universal analogies,
Our Roots represent Humanity, the Earth our Field of action, Base and foundations, essential to establish ourselves, the Stem represents the Emergence before the world, the growth
The Thorns the Affections, the feelings, the emotions, the Buds Incubation, the promise of Birth and life,
The Petals represent the Shapes, the expressions ……and the Rose masterpiece of this conglomerate of wonders: the Purpose, which expands and merges in life through the Aroma that represents Love.

Our roots make their way through the earth to achieve a strong seed, we nourish ourselves with it making us stronger, we enter it by our intrinsic need for affiliation, union,……. we expand in our field of action, structuring solid bases together with other beings to procure our evolutionary emergence and our expression before the world, which we would not achieve if the union did not exist before the illusion of becoming for ourselves and for others.
Emerging before the world requires joint effort of several valuable roots that have been put into the task of growing, so they adhere to the depths of the earth looking for a solid, secure Foundation that allows to emerge, evolve, develop.
In this process of growth we find fears and joys, frustrations and satisfactions; …

The Life like the stem of a rose has thorns and it is these that offer greater meaning to our sense of life, forging the will that leads us to incubate a purpose for which to exist and for this purpose, we are opening ourselves to life like a cocoon, experiencing with each unfolding of one’s own existence, an experience in Love, all so different, but they are still part of the purpose. The understanding of this makes us complete, thus we become pink and this is the realization of what is proposed, the expression of potentialities, the result of our choices, of our plan and it is here where the function of all is more clearly evident , its parts, the fusion of each purpose, the evolution of our lives.

We are the Rose… We are charged with the beauty that attracts, the shape that enchants, the thorns that protect or damage, the fragility of the petals, the strength of our leaves… and… the eternity of the aroma.
Luz B.

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