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«Love is the attraction that the center of the Universe exerts on each unit of consciousness in a process of conformation»

Things We Do For Love(Conlusion) — Steemit

Love is necessary in all its presentations, as it is part of the intrinsic motivations of life or metamotivations in terms of ABRAHAM MASLOW, although for this, according to him, basic needs such as: belonging, affection, respect, self-esteem and a place in the world must be covered.

Our Hierarchy of Needs | Psychology Today
Maslow's pyramid of needs — Quartz Weekly Obsession — Quartz

What is essential and works as a principle is : In order To Love others I must love myself first, which responds to a hermetic assumption that says: «To own others I must first own myself «.

ERICH FROMM says that loving someone is the realization and concentration of the power to love. The person himself must be an object of love just as the other is.

Erich Fromm Quotes -

The affirmation of your own life, happiness, growth and freedom is rooted in your own capacity to love, which is: in care, respect, responsibility and knowledge.

Based on these definitions made by some authors, it can be said that the human being struggles between being and not being, loving or being loved, feeling pleasure or repressing himself, between balance or imbalance, thus, between dualities and dichotomies begin to originate impulses towards something and these impulses originate rhythmic patterns, these patterns are related to every psychic and physical event, so we can conclude that: the relationships have to do with rhythms and changes.

The recognition of ruling patterns of life involving rhythms and changes, constitute the basic structure of thought, communication and perception that allows a deep understanding of existence.

Relationships as patterns are permanent and extend to objects and their activities, they are the product of a balance between several parts, for example: What relationship can you have with the bed you sleep in every day, apart from responding to a need? …what connects you to it, and how it could be possible, how to relate to an inanimate object, Well, you have to go further, ..think: where it comes from, who made it, who cut the wood, who painted it and thus making the connections that are infinite.

Relationships are also part of intermediate points between crisis and transcendence, between life and death, they are the meeting of the poles and sometimes imperceptible and unthinkable relationship that exists between one event and another.

The relationships are part of DAVID BOHM’s Theory: It concludes that all the elementary particles are linked, that the apparent separateness between them was an illusion and that this link took place in an underlying domain, implicit, not visible, thus in its words: «under the explained sphere of separate things and events would be an implied sphere of indivisible totality that on the other hand would always be accessible simultaneously for each explained part»

All people and all things are interwoven, where everything occupies its rightful place.


The Love then: makes us live what makes us equal to each other as well as what makes us different from each other, and is in this experience that affinity arises, which in chemistry means: the tendency of a substance to enter in combination with another, which is due to the atomic structure of that substance, in short, the number and arrangement of the electrons and protons of their atoms. The result of affinity is a bond that gives rise to a stable and different compound, both had something that the other needed, is the attraction of opposites; basic functioning of sexuality. Affinity is not just about attractions but about balance between the different components of the Ego.

Mahatma Gandhi quote: The Law of Love, call it attraction ...

When there is such an affinity within, this is radiated, a structured SELF is expressed which attracts magnetically everything that matches its energy, here is another hermetic principle: «What is thought is reflected or as above, so below».

Affinity between the components of the Ego is achieved through marriage between the body and mind, unconditional acceptance between them and the understanding of their needs, as well as the education of their desires. This marriage can be carried out from practices such as meditation.

balance both masculine and feminine energy .
Marriage to your self..

In the heart (physical organ) all cells beat incessantly. If their dissection were done, they would continue to beat alone, but once put in combination with the others, they all synchronize their rhythm so that they end up beating at the same time, they enter a state of rhythmic resonance, in affinity with each other thanks to the order implicit within all living forms, thanks to this, healing is also obtained, that is, the restoration of balance in an organism or a situation and this effect extends to any other affective connection that is possessed.


However, it must be said that it is much stronger when it is part of some expression of Love: Sexual, brotherly, sublime, maternal or Divine.

Love, as conceived by most religions, is the ultimate end of all life; it is necessity, volitional force, existential complement and when it is transcended and experienced at its most sublime level, it encompasses everything, it does not become exclusive of a single being or thing, ceasing to love the rest of the world.

To the extent that love is really love, it is not exclusive. Whoever truly loves someone, loves the humanity of that person, loves his / her deepest human essence, loves all of humanity in the person of his / her loved one, because he / she realizes that this is only a particular manifestation of the nature of mankind, which is one and the same.

In love, aspects such as beauty, control, grace, harmony, creativity, magnetism, compassion, unity, adherence, cohesion and communion with life are usually found =To inhabit any of these spaces is to become a sun that carries its rays to each and every corner, things and beings that inhabit the world; a sun that radiates for «bad» and «good» free of discrimination, like that flower that offers its beauty, both to those who admire it and to those who cut and trample it.

"Prayer is not asking. It is a longing of the soul. It is daily ...

DE MELLO says: «Love has four characteristics that must be developed in the human being:

1. Non-discrimination,

2. Gratuity,

3. Spontaneity

4. Freedom»

In the examples given, he argues that love is like a tree that, by not discriminating, offers its shadow to everyone and everything, even to those who harm it and do not charge for their service, do not demand anything in return, behold, gratuitousness, grows and gives its fruits without thinking to what or who could benefit; it is spontaneous in its nature and there is freedom in it, because it will not make the slightest effort to drag someone into its shadow when it risks sunning itself.

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The Tree of Love

Is love then one of the most successful manifestations of life … or life itself?

REINBECK expresses about Love:

I have discovered a beautiful feeling in my soul, a wonderful emotion… delicate… deep. It beats in me to the rhythm of life … and covers me with its simplicity, its purity and naivete, making me a child, innocent, good, clean of heart.

I have discovered in myself a tender and sweet feeling that caresses my soul and provokes my smile; it fills me with peace and makes me a balanced existence, harmonious, creative, nascent.

I have discovered that it is a firm and solid, stable, resistant and unwavering feeling that drives me to live responsibly but confident that there is a reason, a meaning , a why, … ”

Love is defined energetically by the Egyptians as a neutral charge, such a charge is composed of particles called Tachyon, which vibrate according to the thought that guides them, their operation and purpose depend on the perception in the human being, they act according to their will. They conceive that: The imperfection that human beings manifest are due to their ignorance or ill will, the discord of human thoughts, feelings and actions. However, they never penetrate the electrons that are the nucleus of the atom; but they form a coating that veils the light of the electronic structure constituting the opacity and density of the meat.

The Science of Tachyon | Tachyon

The tachyons only respond however to high scales of resonance such as Love and transcendence, not to disqualified energy such as instincts, desires or others, the result would be a physical and psychic chaos, since the innate tendency towards perfection must be remembered. All life tends to expand, to evolve. Thus sexuality is constant creation, generation and self-generation.

Tachyon Chamber

The word sex means divided,

Sex as in gender means divided, separated, sign, mark or trace, since it acts as a distinctive between species; hence the difference between masculine and feminine and their functions.

Sex is an evolutionary manifestation of nature, whose primary objective is to attend to the reproduction of species and serve as vital energy. It is undeniable that through sex all forms of life are maintained and preserved.

Biologically there are three types of manifestation:

a. Asexual
b. The females
c. Bisexual

Unicellular beings also perpetuate their species, as do plants, animals, man, and energy.

Sex Cells Anatomy and Production

The unicellular increases in size until it takes the form of a crowbar with the two spheres connected by a filament, this breaks and results in two different beings. In protozoans, the cell is intermixed in one, they are not male or female but androgens and the male element fertilizes the female of the other. Thus advancing on the biological levels, everything is found to be constant reproduction and expansion. If life ceases it disappears.

“All that is noble and elevated in our nature derives directly from the sexual instinct that is allied with the purest and most beautiful of our being. From it come our brightest colors, our most graceful forms, melodious sounds and rhythmic movements. From it beauty and love are born ”


Sexuality beats in the essence of every human being awaiting its manifestation, in search of the other, of the complement for a better physical, mental and spiritual balance that takes the individual beyond himself, from his own islands of experience, from his own feelings and reflections and places him in the highest context of life and relationship = happiness; about which FREUD says:

“If civilization imposes such great sacrifices, not only on man’s sexuality, but on his aggressiveness, we can better understand why it is so difficult for him to be happy in that civilization. In fact the Primitive man was better off not knowing instinct restrictions. To counterbalance this, their prospects of enjoying such happiness for some time were lower.

Civilized man has exchanged a portion of his chances of happiness for a portion of security «

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