The power of Sex …

If you knew how powerful sex is… you wouldn’t have it with just anyone.

When a man enters your vagina, what kind of consciousness and energy does he have? Is he bitter, is he happy, does he loves himself, he loves you?
Is he a positive or negative thinker?

When a woman is making love to you, is she blessing you or cursing you? is she frustrated, is she sad, she loves herself, she loves you?

Sex is a ritual of exchange of energies, thoughts, emotions.
During sex you become a sponge for that other person’s consciousness and energy.

Every penetration and thrust is an affirmation.
Are they draining your energy and strength or recharging, strengthening or recharging your spirit?

Remember: Be aware of the true power of sex.
If you knew how powerful sex is… you wouldn’t have it with just anyone.

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“Sexuality is a sacred ritual of union through the celebration of difference.” 

Anodea Judith, PhD. 

According to concepts coined by psychology, sexuality is not limited to genitality or evolutionary stages, but extends to all human life. The evolution of sexuality has brought about significant changes for humanity, which are not far from the levels of sexual development experienced by each individual in particular.

Sexuality is a vital force, the energetic source of all existence, it is composed of various expressions and extends from the material world, the organic and the tangible, to the subjective, subtle and all vital connection between the physical and quantum realms.

As a vital force, sexuality is very difficult to experience in a culture where you choose to repress it, or it becomes an object of supply and demand.

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Restrictions on aspects of sexuality such as pleasure, desire, instinct, sensations, beauty, fantasy and enjoyment, make men and women lean towards other options to vent their needs, their passions mostly in an unconscious form and in such things as: drug use, alcohol (to smooth cultural inhibitions), violence, extreme amusements, consumption and indiscriminate spending on unnecessary material goods, among others.

When something that is part of its nature is removed from a living being, the resulting vacuum will then serve to manipulate it, it would be, for example, as conditioning the natural instinct for survival, preventing it from flowing and then teaching them back how to survive ignoring the wisdom of the organism. Thus, the repression of sexual energy will choose to find a way out somewhere, thus distorting the proper functioning of the psychic and physical organism, therefore it follows that sexuality is fluidity, dynamism, change and harmony.

Sexuality takes different forms and is aimed at different recipients: parents, children. Friends, objects, ideas, but its essence par excellence is from ancient times the relationship of the masculine and feminine principle, the life in couples whose special attribute is passion, a contradictory, captivating and changing emotion, one of the antechambers of Love, Well, you shouldn’t talk about sexuality without referring to that feeling. However, it is not due to something just psychological, but organic. It is worth remembering a Hermetic principle «As above, so below, and as below, so above». Translate: as it is in the mind it is in the body and as it is in the body it is in the mind, so also falling in love corresponds to a neuro-hormonal cause: “it is due to the secretion of a neuro-modulator that responds to the name OXITOCINA , also called, attachment hormone. In addition, neurologists have identified another hormone associated with love emotion: DOPAMINE, which enhances the activity of the internal brain or emotional brain and lowers the preponderance of the cerebral cortex. In effect, the presence of DOPAMINE in the body is especially high during infatuation, which causes a numbness that makes behavior more governed by feeling than reasoning, although it is not the same for all human beings. «

The previous one is one of the different stages through which Love, objectively conceived, goes through, a very appropriate comparison could be made in this space with alchemy or «Art of turning Ordinary metals into Noble»: it begins with the Material level, the Organic, to then through transmutation sublimate the Feeling, the Emotion, «Purify» the Desire and turn it into Love, Gold of the most solid. Thus sexuality can also be described as an Alchemical Laboratory, with essential elements such as: change, polarities, movement, pleasure, emotions, empathy, sociability, love, balance, relationships, affinity, unity and healing.

Alchemy has a certain contemplative character, it does not simply consist of a mere pragmatism without spiritual penetration, its spiritual and contemplative aspect is based precisely on its concrete form, between the analogy, between the psychic and the mineral, since this similarity can only be established by means of a observation that considers the matter from the qualitative point of view, that is, in its internal quality, and the soul “materially” that is, as if it were an object. In Psychology the author who has worked on such symbolic relationships is JUNG.undefined

Sexuality also corresponds to reproduction, manifestation and expansion as a necessity that ultimately leads to union with the other, the other and the others, a union that is held for the first time in the womb and with birth, with that first letting go, the search begins to renew the feeling of oceanic uniqueness, of which it became a part. Transpersonal approaches based on Eastern mystical doctrines refer to this vital state.

On the other hand, we have FREUD, who in his early psychology writings claimed to believe that there really was a physical energy, a sexual energy that he called LIBIDO. FREUD believed that this energy came from all parts of the body and was displaced to a single part of it. He called this process CATEXIS. He also believed that all psychological problems could be traced back to blockages in this psychosexual energy, LIBIDO. He realized that he was right, so the way to solve all psychological problems would be to unlock this sexual energy. This of course meant promoting sexuality, but at the time when the Repressive Victorian Morality was still dominant, his idea could not be accepted.5

In conclusion, energy should not be repressed, but rather let itself flow, however FREUD changes its concept of LIBIDO, which ceased to be a Real Energy, to become a simple Desire that could focus in or towards other directions. He called this process SUBLIMATION. Since there were no longer any energies to be stopped, FREUD then needed to invent something that was contrary to the Libidinal Desire. He called this the DESIRE OF DEATH, in the end I do not accept Libido as Energy.

REICH, one of his most creative students set out to discover and measure the Freudian concept of Psychosexual Energy, in the course of his research on the Bioelectric Currents of the organism, discovered the crucial importance of sexuality for the healthy flow of energy to through the body. He believed that: only the organism manages to close the «Complete Circuit» of Bioelectric Flow through the body, essential for mental and physical health. «Gratification is due to the complete reflux of arousal into the entire body.» He also discovered that the repressed sexual energy caused an anxiety located mainly in the cardiac region and the diaphragm, areas of great importance for bioenergetics, as they are centers where emotion and life force are concentrated.

In ancient civilizations, especially Chinese scholars and doctors, they studied and discussed sex and sexual practices in the same way that MASTER, JOHNSON, and KINSEY have done today. Thus, many of the conclusions made by ancestral cultures have been confirmed by modern science, for example MASTER and JOHNSON are the first sexual researchers to approve the various strategies to produce and prolong pleasure.

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Sexuality as an experience, as a dogma or theory, has been the object of special occupation throughout history; it constitutes a coherent and magnetic agent in any given form, be it an atom, a man or a system. Not only does it refer to the relationship that exists between the forms, although it is established (as it really is) by the energy of its functioning at the psychic and physical level, it can also be considered as the relationship of the Psyche or Soul with the form that » imprison ”as PLATON considered; or of the Soul with innumerable forms. Sexuality in its ultimate end must be signified as the relationship that exists between the psyche and the synthesis that underlies the forms, ruling the contact established between the multiple human aspects.

Sexuality corresponds to the law of the magnetic impulse that governs the relationship, interaction, exchange and interpretation of the various levels of life. The law of magnetic impulse is in the psychic realm the law of attraction in the world of material phenomena.

Sexuality as a term in traditional psychology or for sexual education is defined as the expression that the person makes to satisfy the sexual impulse in aspects such as: the biological, the psychological, the social, the cultural and the spiritual; which refers to body, thought, family, study, religion, laws, customs, transcendence and personal growth. Within this conglomerate
There are also other definitions of other correspondences and they are part of the field of action built by the human being such as sex, gender, sexual role, gender role, sexual drive, Libidinal energy, object of desire, homosexuality, eroticism, and many others that are conceived from the interaction and the daily experience of coexistence with oneself and others.

These meanings are far from those made by Eastern conceptions in that it is not only the relationship with others or with oneself, but with the other, since it is conceived from a more objective level outside of the material but inherent in consciousness, here it is spoken of a “Metaphysics of the Spirit” 6, according to JUNG, which gives way to a Metaphysics of Matter, which establishes the “Other World”; In this value of things, it obeys the criterion of the supposed scientific verification, with which the current sciences work that try to find a weight within knowledge, likewise sexuality is divided into evolutionary stages experienced by the human being, which would embrace and comprehend the objective polarity of its essence.

Sexuality is then understood as all forms of expressing and sharing one’s own and others’ sensations: a look, a smile, a kiss, a caress, a hug, a handshake.

None of the manifestations of human emotion ceases to belong to a man or a woman. The sexual relationship is in itself the corollary of the delivery between two human beings, it is an unpublished act, private and magical, that summons two individualities beyond the time and space of ordinary consciousness (the usual waking state of being human).

In anthroposophical terms, another aspect of sexuality, such as genitality, is one of the poorest expressions of the relationship between two human beings. As Love is genitalized exclusively, it loses its universal category, it is restricted to a region of the body and it is consumed there. In a healthy evolution, on the other hand, genitality will always be a mere subject of human sexuality.

Returning then to aspects of sexuality mentioned above, the first aspect to deal with is Change, it is done in this order since it is thus conceived by Eastern beliefs, as a harmonious way of expressing sexuality on various levels.

The Change

The rhythms of renewal or the cycles of crisis and rebirth are part of a «biological dance» or constant psychic restructuring, these changes occur on various existential planes, one of them belongs to the amazing mechanism of constant atomic exchange that affects all the material structure of the body.

Such is the case with the body functions, vital organs and connective tissues, even when each one has its own rate of renewal: -the liver, one and a half months; -the skin, one month; -the stomach lining, ten days and so on….

The genetic matrix that we have today is not made up of the same atoms as two years ago, nor will the future body be made up of today’s atoms: in an average period of six years, the essence of the matter we use is totally transformed, this is a mysterious quality of human life, amid the constant dissolution of our genetic being we retain the feeling of a stable physical self.

“On changing levels. one passes from the feeling of oneness to the admission of difference. In the interpretation of ourselves as individuals, the reality of the other is included ”

Admitting that the existence of the other leaves from the interior experience towards the exterior, just as in the first stages that follow birth, men and women evolve as new information touches. Also the change is made up of oscillations and oscillates between polarities thus remembering that opposites need each other, light to be light needs darkness and vice versa; the matter of antimatter, nothing can be without its opposite and in this way the whole relationship works. When it comes to denying and hiding one of the poles, the other is destroyed on the spot, therefore what they were. One thing is necessary to the other, as stated in perennial philosophy, these polarities create movement, just as sexual union activates the pure movement of life. undefined

FORTUNE says: “It was pure movement in the abstract that originated the cosmos, in due time such movement gave rise to the condensed nodes of opposing forces, which are the primordial atoms and it is the movement of these atoms that constitutes the basis of all manifestation ”.

From the changes desire arises as the primary force of all activity, it is the precursor of the will, of power and love; essential phenomena of sexuality. Desire is the expression of all need from the first moment of life to old age, it will always be necessary even if it is a minimum dose of what is desired, as well as the basic needs in terms of food, affection, esteem, belonging, among others.

Desire is the basis of joy, passion, vitality; the moment a desire is carried out the need disappears, more, through the continuum of evolution other desires arise and it is not they who trap the human being, but the repression of them, which puts in contradiction with themselves. However, the realization of these can be balanced, since it is not the end to end the homeostasis to which the body itself tends and why does it do it? For pleasure, essential for health and proper personal and cultural relationships. Naturally, every living being tends towards the pleasant and in achieving this, the already explained process of the expression of psychosexual energy is lived. raised by FREUD and REICH.

In the Western world, the role of repression is of marked importance and is related to socio-cultural evolution marked by conditioning, identification and prejudice. The West moves on the levels of the shadow, the ego and the existential in a more entrenched way than the Eastern world, because it inhabits a culture where doing, thinking, feeling and having is much more important than being and this due to a society full of :

<Created needs = Neurotic mass at the shadow level.

Basic needs: at the ego and existential level.

Metaneeds: in the transpersonal bands, because the level of the mind has no need. This is explained from a model of consciousness according to WILBER.

The Senses and Cognitive processes are the entrances to the mansion of sexuality, as the first function, they provide information about the physical world and its manifestations, since the common sensations do not allow us to see subtle realities. This ability has been defined as extrasensory perception and is conceived as the refinement of sensation to its subtlest level.

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The pleasure and emotional sensations, as it arises, have their headquarters in the lower part of the brain, in a region called the Limbic System. This controls the hypothalamus, which in turn controls hormone levels and regulation of the autonomic (involuntary) nervous system, to which functions such as heart rate, blood pressure and respiration correspond, such that a pleasurable stimulation of that part of the brain helps regulate and relax these processes.

Sensation is a valuable source of information for all levels of consciousness, it communicates the raw data, which, once analyzed and memorized by the brain, becomes information. If one wanted to ignore the level of bodily sensations, we would deprive ourselves of valuable feelings and emotions that intervene in it, thus transmitting information to the brain and displacing psychic and physiological energies through the organism. The sensations are the bricks with which
build feelings and emotions, without them we would be impassive and apathetic.

Luz Betty

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