How do you get power?Visualization, manifestation, magic?

Power can be obtained through meditation or some practice that involves the psyche, mind or spirit, even work or daily occupations, through friendships, convenient relations and the achievement of specific objectives but more by the constancy of making the deepest wishes come true.

Power is increased by considering one self an inseparable part of the whole, since it is understanding that you are not alone, that you can count on the support of life in every situation, that you are not only yourself in a relationship and dedication to the other , but the universe constantly finding itself in everyone and everywhere.

To be powerful is to know that you are responsible for everything that happens, it is to be aware of the effect caused at all times by what you are.

The continuous repetition of an action or word gives power to that word or action, making a type of action, or symbol and image conscious, will produce a direct effect on the subconscious and consequently on what is around.

With greater awareness, comes greater responsibility, my Gnostic Master told me at the age of 16(1996)

And Beatriz ,my Astrologist : be responsible for the correct word, thought and deed …(2009)
And how many years have it taken to understand a bit the immense value of these tips?

And even Ana, my favorite witch and great friend, healer and precious being of light, has always repeated to me: do not decree with anger or sadness, do not waste your magic …

Power is obtained over the other by carefully observing their rituals and the meanings that they offer to each thing, person or event, closeness is achieved from there, who manages to notice the symbols in the lives of others, gets to know them in their being, Well, these symbols are their expressions and go beyond the communication established between beings, they are codes that only consciousness can contemplate.

Everything that exists has a meaning in itself, but this intrinsic value is imperceptible to the human faculty to perceive, therefore, at the levels of the mind nothing has meaning, it only has it if it is granted from the same levels of the mind, nothing exists until it is decided that it should.

The question is:

How much value and power do i have?

What meaning do I have for humanity?

How much power have I given to the others?

What do I mean to my partner?

Power is about the accumulation of experiences, of energies, then it could be said that, the more power is had the more the experiences are compiled inside, When there is abstinence in the emission of sensations, emotions, judgments or achievements.

Life can thus be accumulated by silence, stillness and serenity.


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