What feelings are made of?


It is the third expression of the self in the psyche, it closely accompanies cognitive/thinking and the will. One of its characteristics is its constant change, which corresponds to the aforementioned rhythmic system, this is the basis of feeling. There is not the slightest feeling possible without a change in breathing or circulation. Feeling consciousness corresponds to the subconscious or dream consciousness, feeling in its waking essence and unconsciousness. In the sensation, the predominance of the polarities and the rhythms is allowed; this is how inspiration and expiration exist, because if they do not alternate, death occurs, or the synergy work between cardiac systole and diastole. They need to alternate to keep the organism alive.

The feeling can be described as a reactive pattern that results from the repeated recession of a sensation. When something repeatedly stimulates the nervous system, a resonance field is created as the body reacts, and this reaction is a feeling.

Emotions can be defined as entities that allow to unify and preserve impressions. They are the impacts of consciousness on the body. It is the interface of bodily feeling.

With the information that comes from the mind, an emotion is obtained.

In the words of ANODEA JUDITH it could be said that: The sensations are like the words, the feelings are the sentences and the emotion like the whole story. Emotion is a flow of one’s life force through which change is obtained.



Continuing with the other levels of the spiral, is Empathy. Also a valuable source of information that is mostly unconscious. It is usually lived as a subtle sensation of something , a sense of getting someone else vibes, experiencing what the other experiences. Empathy is a great capacity if used properly, … but ,, that sensitivity to what surrounds us must be balanced with the necessary attention to oneself.

Empathy, Consensual daughter of sexuality works on an energetic level and can be explained with the theory of morphic or morphogenetic fields, formulated by SHELDRAKE.

SHELDRAKE, Studied at the University of Cambridge, decided to go live in India for a few years, where he met KRISNAMURTI and the Benedictine monk BEDE GRIFFITS, influential figures in his training. So much so that in a short time SHELDRAKE accepted that the classic distinction between matter and spirit is non-existent.

“Matter itself, according to modern physics, is nothing more than energy organized in fields.” 13

“Fields that, therefore, are not a different entity responsible for the organization of matter, but rather constitute their own essence and no dichotomy can be established between fields and matter…”.

The toroidal energy field of the human body.

This is the empathy between systems, between structures, the relationship of everything with everything, taking into account this non-existent line of separation, it is possible that there are millions of connections between everything living, in different fields: “There are different levels of organization of fields ; the quantum particle fields are organized by the atomic field; then there are the molecular fields organizing the atoms; and the cell fields organizing the molecules; and the tissue fields organizing the cells… but it is not that there is nothing immaterial organizing the particles: it is that there is no matter in the traditional sense ”.

Empathy, therefore, is part of an interconnected universe where as human beings we infect each other with what we live, in this way we understand, relate, fall in love, hate and become friends. Empathy is an energetic charge, a historical, biological, psychological and spiritual legacy where one living being speaks to the other in countless forms of language, in the morphic fields the experiences of the individuals of each species accumulate, thus giving rise to a luck of “collective memory”, which would also support JUNG’s proposals about the collective unconscious, not only empathy, not only sexuality allows the connection at the level of consciousness, at the genetic, hereditary, reproductive level with other beings, but with the universe itself through the “morphic resonance”, through which data accessible to all, records of all events, sensations and feelings that have taken place since the origin of life are obtained.

This would also refer to the old hermetic principle: “The part is in the whole and the whole is in the part.” HERMES, from here also arises sociability, the most external and complex manifestation of sexuality, where the reproduction and family constitution are the basis of social culture. Since ancient times living beings have tended to unify, to form groups, since survival went beyond the strictly personal circle, it became necessary to collaborate with others and without this collaboration there would be no evolution. Association is the process with others.undefined

Emotions and sexuality form the basis of the social structure, from there emerge strength, competitiveness, adherence, territoriality, the social structure becomes an entity, a collective soul, a current within which the human being crawls and drowns desperately.

[1] SCHELDRAKE RUPERT.  Biólogo Británico.  “La Presencia del Pasado”.  Editorial Kairós. 1990

[2] SCHELDRAKE RUPERT “Una Nueva Ciencia de la Vida”. Editorial Kairós. 1990

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